Parents should establish a culture of board gaming in the home.

Board game 
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Grade 6 students practice factoring with a simple game that has never been solved.

Grade 2 students learn addition as they battle termite terrorists!

Grade 4 students practice multiplication as they try to save the lives of Daedalus and Icarus.

Grade 3 students practice precise measuring with dot to dot puzzles.

The EKG sequence provides elegant practice for students learning about prime factorization.


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Malke Rosenfeld helps students create their own dance choreography.

Mathematics and Beauty are Inseparable. 

War, Death and Nastiness

Engage Students.

Hard Fun!

That’s How We Learn Best.

Slug Salad is a fun way to give your students practice with addition.


Let’s abolish elementary school math.

Off-Site Brilliance

Gary McGuire solves sudoku’s biggest unsolved problem.

Some MathPickle techniques that are easy to experiment with in your own classroom.

Put your students in a pickle!  

Unsolved K-12 was a conference of educators and mathematicians.  Together we aimed to select 13 unsolved problems - one for each grade K-12.

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K-12 Video
The World Cup and other sporting events are much too much fun not to wager your prestige upon.  Get your students thinking about statistics, rankings, probability and sports... Get them to create a pool like the one in the video above.  This will pull in children who may not normally get excited about mathematics. Videos_files/World%20Cup%20Fifa%202014_1.pdf

Sahana wins!

45 Sahana

42 Dave

42 Barak

41 Xi

40 Ty

37 Alyssa

34 Daniel

34 Take

33 Sara

31 Taylor

31 Timothy

29 Aazam

29 Jonathan

29 Emil

28 Mr. Pickle

27 Adam

27 Vladomir


26 Victor

26 Sami

22 Brian

21 Joseph

20 Owen

19 Keefer

17 Jillian

World Cup 2014.pdfVideos_files/World%20Cup%202014.pdfVideos_files/World%20Cup%20Fifa%202014_2.pdfshapeimage_31_link_0