Parents should establish a culture of board gaming in the home.

Board game 
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Grade 6 students practice factoring with a simple game that has never been solved.

Grade 2 students learn addition as they battle termite terrorists!

Grade 4 students practice multiplication as they try to save the lives of Daedalus and Icarus.

Grade 3 students practice precise measuring with dot to dot puzzles.

The EKG sequence provides elegant practice for students learning about prime factorization.


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Venn diagrams are an excuse for beauty.  Rejoice and explore!

Mathematics and Beauty are Inseparable. 

War, Death and Tongue-In-Cheek Nastiness Engages Students.

Hard Fun!

That’s How We Learn Best.

Slug Salad is a fun way to give your students practice with addition.


Let’s abolish elementary school math.

Off-Site Brilliance

Gary McGuire solves sudoku’s biggest unsolved problem.

Some MathPickle techniques that are easy to experiment with in your own classroom.

Put your students in a pickle!  

Unsolved K-12 was a conference of educators and mathematicians.  Together we aimed to select 13 unsolved problems - one for each grade K-12.

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