21 Big Games in Small Boxes


You’ll be receiving twenty one games… seven each of Star Realms Frontiers, The Crew: Mission Deep Sea, and Resistance Avalon. These three are among the best games ever made. Don’t let their small packages fool you. There is a lot of gameplay here!


You’ll receive seven copies of each of these games.

Star Realms Frontiers is a space combat game in which players incorporate the strengths of four great empires. The rules are elegant and the artwork engaging. The first version of this game was MathPickle’s 2015 game of the year. This game is even better than the original!

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea is one of the greatest collaborative game experiences. The first version of the game was runner-up to my game of the year for 2020. More importantly, the original won the most prestigious game award in the world – the Kennerspiel des Jahres. Unbelievably, this game is universally acclaimed to be better than the original.

Resistance Avalon is based on King Arthur and the knights of the round table. Just less than half the players are evil. They know who each other is, but the good players do not. Somehow the good players must triumph in at least three out of five quests in order to win. Luckily they are helped by Merlin. This is the best social deduction game ever made. 

Puzzlingly yours, Gord!