14 Reiner Masterpieces



The most prolific board game designer of all time is Reiner Knizia. He has over 700 published games. Many also think Reiner’s the best. These are two very different games that are masterpieces of their genres.

The bigger and more impressive of the two is My City that was published in 2020. It ranks as one of the greatest legacy games… A legacy game is one in which the game changes each time you play. Games last about thirty minutes and there are twenty-four sequential games in total. These must be played in order. The same group of children should repeatedly play the same game for all twenty-four scenarios so this is not a library game.

Lost Cities: Roll & Write is a game of strategy and probability. It works well in the classroom or library and is based on the twenty-year-old card game “Lost Cities” also by Reiner Knizia.

You will be receiving seven copies of each.

Puzzlingly yours, Gord!