Go is the oldest game – created 4000 years ago in China – and ranks as one of the greatest creations of humanity. It has much simpler rules than chess, but has strategic depth greater than chess. Professionals were not beaten with by computer program until google’s alpha go was unleashed in 2015.

Two of the best things about go:

  1) It can be played on variable sizes of board so that students can pursue either long or short games. The 19×19 board is the full game. The standard way to teach go is actually on small boards like 9×9, 11×11 and 13×13.

  2) Handicapping strong opponents is part of normal play.

Go is also a great game for schools because lost pieces are not critical. It should fill maybe half the grade 2 or 3 math curriculum. The logic, pattern recognition, memorization and problem solving are more important than what is taught in most math classrooms.

Go remains popular – having huge followings in South Korea, China and Japan. Enjoy this sampling from one of my favourite teachers – Haylee. She travels the world competing in tournaments.