Round-off Dragon

(MathPickle, 2011)

Through 15 minutes of irony and humour – guide your students to learn the importance of rounding off decimals. You will adopt the opposite, belligerent insistence on ABSOLUTE precision. The ridiculousness of the request soon becomes apparent.

A downloadable pdf for classroom projection is here.

PS. Students will often ask a clarifying question “Is the height the distance from head to tail?” to which you respond – “no – it is the height without the dragon standing on tippy-toes – or standing on its tail ;-)”


Games give you a chance to excel, and if you’re playing in good company you don’t even mind if you lose because you had the enjoyment of the company during the course of the game.

Gary Gygax

Standards for Mathematical Practice

MathPickle puzzle and game designs engage a wide spectrum of student abilities while targeting the following Standards for Mathematical Practice:

MP1 Toughen up!

This is problem solving where our students develop grit and resiliency in the face of nasty, thorny problems. It is the most sought after skill for our students.

MP3 Work together!

This is collaborative problem solving in which students discuss their strategies to solve a problem and identify missteps in a failed solution. MathPickle recommends pairing up students for all its puzzles.

MP6 Be precise!

This is where our students learn to communicate using precise terminology. MathPickle encourages students not only to use the precise terms of others, but to invent and rigorously define their own terms.

MP7 Be observant!

One of the things that the human brain does very well is identify pattern. We sometimes do this too well and identify patterns that don't really exist.


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Gordon Hamilton

(MMath, PhD)


Lora Saarnio