(2-4 players; 15 minutes; ages 6+)

On MathPickle I have been careful not to push my own creations – until now. I am as proud of Santorini as I am of MathPickle and it is with much joy that I name it 2017 game of the year. The game is pure strategy where you win if you can get one of your workers up to the third level. What makes each game unique is that players adopt a god or goddess that lets them break the rules in a unique way. If you choose Hades – your opponents cannot step down. If you choose Mars you can destroy a building.

Of all the games that have won MathPickle’s Game of the Year, this one has the highest average score on Board Game Geek.

Children at play are not playing about; their games should be seen as their most serious-minded activity.

Michel de Montaigne

1533 - 1592