Starting January 10, 2022

Zoom-drop-ins can be joined at any time during the year. Each is self-contained. They will be fun, social and inspiring.

They are run by Dr. Gordon Hamilton. He is a father of two teenagers, an educator and mathematician, a designer of puzzles like those you’ll find on MathPickle, and a designer of board games like Santorini. He started in 2005 doing professional development by teaching students in front of their own teachers in Canada. In 2010 he founded MathPickle to inject new ideas into classrooms worldwide. Over the years, it has been supported by the American Institute of Mathematics and the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival. With MathPickle, Gordon has travelled to schools in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Classes are 45-55 minutes and will be recorded for security and teaching purposes. 




Fridays I’m going to be teaching, playing and designing board games with students through the website of my friend Julia Brodsky: Art of Inquiry. You may find other interesting courses there!