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A MathPickle puzzle recently featured on Numberphile… suitable for kindergarten students and older… for the full write-up go here.

Creative Mornings talk about puzzle and board game design.

One of the best features of your puzzles is how they engage a wide spectrum of learners, something that is difficult for teachers. Your math puzzles are remarkable and enjoy and learn from them regardless of their mathematical understanding. This is as close to a “silver bullet” as I’ve seen.

Jason Kornoely

Fourth Grade Teacher, Pine Ridge Elementary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

I stumbled upon your site,, this morning and two hours later I’m still there.  Just wanted to drop you a brief note to say thank you for all the great resources, ideas, and inspiring videos!  I can’t wait to use some these materials this Fall with my elementary mathematics methods students as well as try the unsolved problems with my two children.

Amy Tanner

Assistant Professor, Education Department, St. Catherine University

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For a poster summary of MathPickle’s ideas on elementary math education go here.

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Gordon Hamilton

(MMath, PhD)


Lora Saarnio