Remove the Stigma of Failure!

Removing the stigma of failure is essential for a classroom to flourish. Do this – not be avoiding failure, but by courting it. In every class plan and strategize how you are going to give your students the gift of failure. Start off by making it tongue-in-cheek and impersonal. Gradually build up their tenacity in the face of failure.


  1. Molly

    I want to work on this with my 8th graders. Any suggestions for strategies, games, or problems that lend themselves to making failure okay?

    • MathPickle

      ALL problems, puzzles and games that are introduced to the class should be hard enough so that it is not possible to avoid failure all of the time. Make failure a regular part of physical education and math class. Making basketball shots has a lot in common with figuring out what to do next in a puzzle. Swish!


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July 9, 2015