Game & Puzzle Party

Not everything works right away. The Game and Puzzle Party is something I believed in… a collaboration between the Calgary Board of Education, FallCon (a Calgary board gaming convention) and MathPickle. The Calgary Board of Education was going to advertise the events and offer gym space. In exchange they were going to get a game donation to each host school library. FallCon was going to help set up a sustainable process by which people could learn games and teach them to others at the events. They would use the events to spread their passion for games and advertise for the big FallCon event. MathPickle was going to take the risk buying the games and emphasize to parents that their number one way to help mathematics from the home is to establish a culture of board gaming.

Anyway it is back to the drawing board because FallCon feels uncomfortable making it part of a for-profit business, and I’m just not willing to put in the hours of work on a weekly basis without being compensated. Somehow we’ll have to figure it out because we are all on the same page with respect to the vital importance of games.

Here are the games, puzzles and manipulatives that were featured at the first (and hopefully not last) Game and Puzzle Party:

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Gordon Hamilton

(MMath, PhD)